Rafting Ubaye in Alpes de Haute Provence (France) near to Barcelonnette. Sports and Leisures Le Lauzet - Ubaye.
The white water base of sports leisures Nature Eau Vive Le Lauzet Ubaye offer Rafting, Canoe Kayak, Hydrospeed, Paintball activities near to Barcelonnette

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Rafting Ubaye: an unforgettable experience

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Rafting is the ideal way to begin a white water sports adventure. It allows those who do not have any experience of white water sports to discover the joys of the river quietly and safely. Our guide is on board the boat, giving the instructions, choosing the itinerary and ensuring your safety.

For adrenaline addicts, the raft allows to reach runs which would normally be impassable, due to its great stability and its incredible crossing capacity. The raft is also the only means to enjoy places only accessible by river, such as “les Gorges du Lauzet” on the “Baptême” section or “les Gorges Royales” on the “extrême” section.

At Nature Eau Vive, our aim is to offer you more than a trip in a raft. Above all, we want to share our passion with you. To go rafting with us means you will be able to learn about the environment, activities, techniques and build up an awareness of the runs. We also offer some safety exercises, simulations and swimming breaks before and during our runs.

We offer 3 different types of runs:
Baptême Raft - ideal for beginners
Raft Sport - which requires a little more skill. This run is for people who already have an experience of rafting.
Raft Extrême - reserved for trained sportsmen who already have extensive experience in the white water sports and who are fully aware of all the risks involved in such a descent.

Information about the river and water level

Baptême Raft: 35€
Duration: 1 H 15 to 1 H 30 on the water
The best first rafting run in France
Raft Sport: 40€
Duration: 1 H 15 to 1 H 30 on the water. “Ex-infranchissable” - high Section - of the Ubaye
The Intregral Raft: 65€
A combination of the Baptême and Raft Sport
Raft Extrême : 60€
Run of the “infrans” - low section - between Le Lauzet and the lake of Serre Ponçon
Good deal:
Combo Raft/Paintball : 48€
Baptême Raft and introduction to paintball

Combo Raft/Canyon : 65€
Neoprene wet suit, paddle jacket, life jacket and helmet complying with safety standards, socks and neoprene jacket when necessary.
Swimsuit, a pair of training shoes, bath towel, sun cream, and, if necessary, glasses with a neck strap to prevent them being lost.
Neoprene socks and thermal clothing.
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