Paintball Ubaye in Alpes de Haute Provence (France) near to Barcelonnette. Sports and Leisures Le Lauzet - Ubaye.
The white water base of sports leisures Nature Eau Vive Le Lauzet Ubaye offer Rafting, Canoe Kayak, Hydrospeed, Paintball activities near to Barcelonnette

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Paintball - Hunter or hunted?

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Based on the banks of the Ubaye, we laid out 3500 m▓ ground in the forest. Come and discover it!

Paintballing is a leisure activity which usually brings together 2 teams equipped with protection masks and coloured gelatine ball throwers. According to the most popular rules, two teams of 5 or 7 people confront each other to retrieve a flag from enemy territory to their own territory in a set time. The players hit by one or several bullets of paint which burst are eliminated from the game.

The paintball is a sophisticated version of cops and robbers and calls for team spirit and cunning. It was thought up by Australian shepherds who had the idea to use compressed air branders which fire paint bullets to brand their cattle. Paintballing evolved to become a team game with rules and adapted equipment.

Package for beginners: 22 €
100 bullets (about 1 hour)
Package for advanced players: 40 €
500 bullets (about 2 hours)
Good deal:
Combo Raft/Paintball: 48€
Package rafting and paintball for beginners.
A pair of trainee shoe
Paint bullet thrower, protection mask, boiler suit.
Scarf, a pair of long trousers, long-sleeved polo shirt
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