Hydrospeed Ubaye in Alpes de Haute Provence (France) near to Barcelonnette. Sports and Leisures Le Lauzet - Ubaye.
The white water base of sports leisures Nature Eau Vive Le Lauzet Ubaye offer Rafting, Canoe Kayak, Hydrospeed, Paintball activities near to Barcelonnette

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Hydro speed: at the heart of the river

hydro speed white water swimming ubaye barcelonnette france

Also called white water swimming, this activity is certainly the one which offers the biggest thrills… Lie on your foam toboggan (the hydro) and let yourself go for fabulous surfing thrills, kick the rapids, surf on the superb static waves, be as one with the river… all under the careful eye of our guide who assists you and make you discover the best spots of the river. On your foam toboggan, be on very intimate terms with the Ubaye. It is advisable to know how to use flippers to make the most of the activity.

In hydro, you start exercising when you are getting dressed. Pulling on the thick and reinforced wetsuit takes us back a few hundred years to when knights slipped on their suits of armour before a battle! This is the price to pay to keep warm and to be protected during the descent.
Once this first step is completed, you just have to listen to the briefing and set off into the water. The advantage of our run is that the difficulty is progressive. The beginning of the section is calm which gives you the chance to tackle the descent smoothly, to test the manoeuvrability and the stability of the hydro, and to see how you manage with the flippers. The first rapids are easy to go through; this is the first step to building up confidence! Then, we come straight to becoming an apprentice surfer (or how to settle on a static wave giving the impression of flying over the river) and of the roll (or how to right yourself when you turn upside down without letting your hydro go). Then, you are ready for the best rapids of the run: “Moustache”, “Maxi vague” and “Dent du requin”. The last kilometre of the section, through “les Gorges du Lauzet” is beautiful and the difficulties become less. You can then enjoy the unique landscapes.

Information about the river and water level

Children from 10 to 14 years : 35€ 
From 14 years, the session : 40€

1h15 of swimming
Guaranteed stimulation
Good deal:
The white water day: 65€
You choose 2 different runs within the same day for instance, rafting in the morning and Hydro speed in the afternoon.
Swimsuit, bath towel, sun cream, and, if necessary, glasses with a neck strap to prevent them being lost.
Complete neoprene reinforced wet suit, neoprene socks, flippers, life jacket and helmet complying with safety standards.
Your own flippers, thermal clothing.
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